Jun 05

Wonderland Unbound: 7StarSun 3D Projection Mapping Performance at USC


On April 17, 2014 7StarSun performed Wonderland Unbound for the 10th Annual Wonderland Award Celebration at the University of Southern California at the historic Doheny Memorial Library. I was one of two Producers directing this event.

This Lewis Carroll inspired 3D projection mapping performance covered the entire facade of the library and included an interactive podium, a virtual reality app and live performers in character to engage the audience. Wonderland Unbound presented numerous original animated and composited sequences and scores from our team of talented artists. These pieces included both fully storyboarded mini-movies (like the Pool of Tears segment), as well as improvised visual music sections.  It also incorporated the work of student teams from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in cooperation with Lisa Mann, Associate Professor.

Wonderland Unbound was a Visions and Voices sponsored event. The facade of Doheny Library where we performed has hosted such luminaries as Presidents Obama and Kennedy in the past. Glad to be in such good company!

I am enjoying working with this talented and fun team of artists and technical wizards and look forward to more exciting and creative projects!

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Jun 05

Recent work: Websites for Fifty Shades of Grey movie and Harry Potter Diagon Alley Search

I wanted to share two websites recently released from The Branding Farm where I work as Lead Web Developer and serve various CTO functions. The first is for the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie to be released by Universal Pictures. I worked as the primary developer on this project, partnering with our two designers. It is a responsive/adaptive site optimized for multiple devices. (Note: We did not do the intern portion of this site.) We received an AWWWards Honorable Mention for this site.

Grey Enterprises Holdings developed by the Branding Farm

I love working with a creative digital agency that values aesthetics, usability and forward looking design! I enjoy working with the owner/founder Hill Salomon and the rest of the team.

The second site is for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando. The site we developed,

The Search for Diagon Alley Supplies, is a promotional site for the Harry Potter attractions at Universal Studios tightly integrated and cross-promoted at numerous NBC Universal web properties. This site has over 50,000 registered, active users in only a few days time, and this number continues to grow. I was involved with the site architecture and establishing the hosting infrastructure. We had to create an infrastructure that could handle bursts of traffic generated by Facebook posts to the 75 million Harry Potter Facebook fans. I was not the primary developer on this project but am proud of it nonetheless.

I have also been busy developing an internal sales-related web app for Skechers. Unfortunately this is a private site and I can’t share it with you, but I can report that it is beautiful, easy to use and works across multiple devices! It is Nodejs, MongoDB and Angular based. I am the lead developer and sysadmin on this project and partner with our two designers on it.

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Nov 08

The Branding Farm: A foot back in the web world

I recently started doing some work with The Branding Farm, a great digital creative agency, as their Lead Web Developer and CTO, helping them to expand the scope of their offerings. Feels good to be leveraging my computer science degree again after recent efforts focusing more on the MBA side. Although I use PHP when needed, I am focusing on full-stack javascript with Nodejs, Express, and client side libraries like Angular, Knockout and jQuery for a lot of the reasons outlined in this article: A Introduction to Full-Stack Javascript. I am also going deeper into hybrid web app development and enjoying the Ionic framework.

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Jun 26

Video introduction to FRIENDS Alternative Funerals and End of Life Celebrations

Please watch, share and like our introductory video about FRIENDS Alternative Funerals and End of Life Celebrations.



FRIENDS website: www.friendsaf.com





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Nov 02

FRIENDS – Alternative Funerals and End-of-Life Celebrations is the First Company of Its Kind

FRIENDS offers a new approach to all things death and dying: from death midwives through themed home wakes to elaborate end-of-life celebrations – FRIENDS makes your last wish come true and sends you out in style.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

As more Generation Xers are burying their Baby Boomer parents, a new and exciting movement advocating conscious dying is growing. In recent memory, funerals have been mostly a sad and sober affair. Today, increasing numbers of Americans are going to great lengths to plan their own personalized funerals.They want to go out in style, in ways that are meaningful, sometimes elaborate, sometimes non-traditional — and sometimes — even fun! FRIENDS, the first alternative funeral service in the U.S, just opened its doors to respond to this new trend.

Families today opt for more meaningful and colorful funerals to celebrate the passing of their loved ones with a bang rather than a sad whimper. ”We have Norse Mythology and Heavy Metal fans contact us about Viking funeral arrangements. Surfers want us to organize the last ‘paddle out’ for their friends in style,” says Brendan Miller, co-owner of the Los Angeles-based company FRIENDS. “People want their choices in life reflected in the way they are remembered.” A survey commissioned by the National Funeral Directors Association found that 62 percent of those wanting a funeral service preferred some form of personalization.

Cool Funeral, Guys!

You might want to have a themed Viewing Room decorated as “Big Momma’s Kitchen”. You might want to lay out the deceased in the bed of a medieval king or inside a mysterious jungle set for people’s last visit. Or you might want to throw yourself one last party to say good-bye in person with a “Living Funeral”, before a progressing disease will make it impossible. Baby Boomers, who are used to customizing all aspects of their lives seek personalized end-of-life rituals, not “cookie-cutter” funerals.

Actors and celebrities have the creativity and financial means to envision and fulfill some very unusual last wishes – Johnny Depp arranged for his friend Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes to be shot out of a cannon for his memorial service.

Taking the Dead Home

Unlike conventional funeral homes, FRIENDS offers an all-inclusive approach in which their death midwives accompany the dying process. FRIENDS then offers to organize a wake at home or at a special location, involving the family’s direct participation as an opportunity for healing. Families can learn how to wash, anoint and dress their departed loved ones, all in the comfort of their homes. FRIENDS lays the body of the deceased in honor at home on dry ice for up to 4 days. This way, the families can say good bye in their own time. The toxic process of embalming the body with formaldehyde is not necessary nor legally required.

After the viewings, FRIENDS facilitates cremations or burials and arranges for personalized, event-like end-of-life celebrations to say good-bye in style. “The only limit to what we can do is the law and funds available”, says co-owner Ziri Rideaux. “We welcome personal expression and wishes without judgment.”

On their website, http://www.friendsaf.com, clients can chose from 16 unusual funeral or memorial arrangements or design their funeral from scratch. “I arranged funerals and viewings in my native Germany where the families were much more involved”, says Rideaux. “Dealing directly with the body of a loved one tremendously shortens the grieving and letting-go process. It’s a great psychological step towards turning grief into healing. During the first three days after death, the family and the deceased are forming a new bond, beyond death. Once families embrace this possibility, continuity is established. Saying good-bye forever is just not necessary.”

Greening Burials

FRIENDS also aims to provide their clients with the option of green burials – which currently does not exist in Los Angeles County. Green burials use no toxic embalming fluids, non-organic coffins nor concrete grave liners, which cemeteries currently require in order to keep their lawns even. Using these materials prevents exchange with the elements and natural decomposition. FRIENDS is lobbying for the establishment of a green burial site in Los Angeles, and currently offers green burials in a green cemetery near Joshua Tree.

The Art and Wisdom of Dying Well

A new consciousness is growing in regards to the entire dying process and funerals. The goal is to reclaim the ancient wisdom and art of dying well, to rediscover and embrace death as a natural part of life. “Most people are very uncomfortable talking about death, even when it is facing them head on”, says Miller. His hope is to open people up to the conversation before it becomes critical. FRIENDS and other advocates are currently forming the Association for Conscious Dying, hoping to educate people of their many options – before and when their time comes. Soon, death may be openly discussed year-roud, not just on Halloween.


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Oct 18

Updated Website!

I have updated my website to WordPress. It is very much still under construction! Please be patient.

I have also recently launched my new business, FRIENDS – Alternative Funerals and End-of-Life Celebrations, in Los Angeles with my partner Ziri Rideaux.

I have posted an article on the FRIENDS Blog explaining why this business is so meaningful to me and why I have chosen to start it now.

You can find the FRIENDS Facebook page here as well.

My personal blog is still available and will be maintained.


My previous website content is available here, including information on my work on the Green Economy in New Mexico.

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